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Client Testimonial

“We’ve found the cards to be our number one form of advertising. Our customers are bringing them in right from the hotels.”
– Bryan Ulbrich, winemaker
Left Foot Charley

Hotel Testimonial

“Meal Tickets provides area visitors with a new, fresh outlook on area businesses. The layout and maps are helpful and Brandy gives 100% in the service of the displays.”

– Nick Trahair, President
Grand Traverse Area Hotel Motel Assoc.

Client Testimonial

“The display is a great resource for us and our customers. Everyone comments that it fits in their pockets, and they love the little maps.”

– Nick & Jamie Roster, owners
The Cherry Stop


Ten Reasons to Advertise with Meal Tickets & Unusual Ideas

1. It’s in-the-box advertising, for out-of-the-box thinkers!
2. Size matters; smaller is better and handy
3. “Where can we eat, and what can we do?” are the top questions asked of hotel staff
4. Our displays are compact which leads to better placement in hotel lobbies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this another coupon or discount program?
A. No. Our program is designed to provide information and bring new customers to your door. We market directly to area visitors, who are primarily looking for information. We don’t believe you should add to the cost of advertising by giving your product away.
Q. Can we use the cards internally?
A. Absolutely. Many of our clients use them as business cards, for promotions and include them in mailings. While the cards are property of, and inventory for Meal Tickets™ & Unusual Ideas® we encourage our clients to use them as needed.

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